The Sixties mark a period of growth. A lot of effort is put in the improvement of the infrastructure in Holland, and many building projects start. It’s a time full of opportunities. As thinks Wim Smits, who starts an earthmoving business together with his wife Maria. And although literally mountains are moved, the passion for trading and repairing heavy machinery wins of actually working with the machines. A barn in Lierop offers room for the repair work and the trading activities.


Business is growing steadily. The location in Lierop is getting to small, which makes moving necessary. In Someren a new location is occupied, which offers a spacious workshop, washing facilities and plenty of parking space. In the following years a new office and storage building are added.


It’s 1982 when oldest son John Smits makes his appearance in the company. Despite his study, he starts in the workshop to get the required experience. After several years he moves to the office where he starts the international trading activities, with thanks to his knowledge of foreign languages. By the end of the eighties this resulted in an own transport business in Poland (Intersmit) and the start of several car material stores in Leipzig, Germany and Poland. (Eurotech)


Also youngest son Mark Smits makes his entry in the family business. Until that moment he was a successful professional motocross racer. Mark focusses on the expansion of the Polish transport business, which grows to 30 vehicles. Business knows no boundaries, which is proved by the start of SVS in 1993, together with partner Ton van Veghel. SVS specialises in the development and production of buckets and attachments. In the second half of the nineties, John and Mark take over the business completely from their parents. The car material stores and transport company are sold, to be able to focus completely on extending Smitma as a trading company in heavy machinery.

The years following 2000

Putting the focus on the trading activities pays off. A new move is necessary. A yard with office in Venlo is chosen, close to Germany and Belgium. Together with partner Ton de Groot a new business is started. Smitma Parts focusses on the trade in buckets, rippers, undercarriage components, tyres and engines.
In 2008 sales company GP is founded together with Guus van der Palen. The main activity is the sales of new buckets and attachments on the European market.


After a short illness founder Wim Smits passes away at an age of just 71 years. He earned his Nickname ‘Mr. motocross’ thanks to the inimitable way how he put motorsport at a higher level in The Netherlands. Highlight was the organisation of the first worldchampionship motocross round in 1996 in The Netherlands, in his ‘backyard’, the Herselse forest in Lierop. Wim Smits is still missed every day…