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Bomag — BW174AD-2

Supporting documents

  • Year 2007
  • Hours 6.818
  • Weight 9800 kg
  • Reference #191320
  • Dimensions 4.25 x 1.81 x 3.00 m
  • Condition Used
  • Serial number 101870331119


Bomag BW 174 AD-2, Cummins B3.3, 58kW, Width of the drum 1.67m, CE, Erops cabin, Water sprinkler system, Drum drive, Both drum vibrating, Splitted drum, Moveable seat, Speed meter, Air conditioning, Beacon, In good and clean condition.

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    Inspection report

  • Features


    • Engine brand
      Cummins B3.3
    • Engine power in kW
  • Documents


    • CE document
      CE document not available
  • General Appearance

    General Appearance

    • Stamped serial number checked
    • Serial number plate checked
    • Paint
    • Decals
    • Bonnet
    • Engine cover doors
    • Chassis
    • Steps/ladders
  • Engine Details and Condition

    Engine Details and Condition

    • Engine number
    • Air cleaner
    • Anti-freeze level °C
    • Diesel level ok
    • Cooling liquid level ok
    • Engine oil level ok
    • Exhaust manifold
    • Muffler
    • Exhaust stack
    • Hoses
    • Good cold start
    • Engine power
    • Blow by
    • Knocking
    • Compression in the radiator
    • Water in the oil
    • Oil in the water
    • Smoke
    • Engine leaks
    • Belts and pulleys
    • Fan
    • Radiator
  • Safety Items

    Safety Items

    • Backup alarm
    • Seat belt
    • Horn
    • Parking brake
    • Beacon
  • Operator Station

    Operator Station

    • Hourmeter
    • Air conditioning
      Not Working
    • Heater
    • Gauges
      Few don't work
    • Switches
    • Display
    • Warning
      No Warnings Available
    • Mirrors
      Not broken
    • Cabin glass
      Not broken
    • Windshield wipers
    • Interior lights
    • Cabin floor
    • Interior roof
    • Seat
  • Front Drum

    Front Drum

    • Vibratory system
    • Drum surface
    • Rubber mounts
    • Drum scrapers
    • Travel motors
    • Vibration
      High and low vibration frequency working
    • Drum measured in mm
  • Rear Drum

    Rear Drum

    • Vibratory system
    • Drum surface
    • Rubber mounts
    • Drum scrapers
    • Travel motors
    • Vibration
      High and low vibration frequency working
    • Drum measured in mm
  • Steering


    • Articulate cylinder leaking
    • Play articulate cylinder
    • Play articulating point
    • Steering cylinders leaking
    • Play steering cylinders
  • Hydraulics


    • Hydraulic oil level ok
    • Hydraulic lines and fittings
    • Hydraulic tank/sight glass and cap
    • Noise hydraulic pump normal
    • Operating condition hydraulics
  • Electrical, Starting and Charging System

    Electrical, Starting and Charging System

    • Alternator functioning
    • Wiring
    • Batteries
    • Starter


  • Engine brand
    Cummins B3.3
  • Engine power in kW

Frequently asked questions

  • What is the technical status of the machines?

    All our machines are extensively checked through our comprehensive inspection report. And repaired if necessary so that they meet the high Smitma quality requirements. When you buy a machine from Smitma, you are guaranteed to buy quality and proper functioning.

  • What kind of test are done at Smitma to cover the inspection

    With help of an extensive checklist every machine is put to a punctual inspection. Every machine is checked for wear and function. Rotating parts, undercarriage components, hydraulics, engine, everything is checked. Nothing escapes the eye of our strict inspectors.

  • Best price-quality ratio

    With Smitma, you can be sure that you will get the best quality and value for your machine.

  • I want to come and view a machine

    You are more than welcome! We are at your service from Mondays to Fridays from 7:00 AM to 6:00 PM (CET). We also offer the option to demonstrate the machines via a live video connection (Via WhatsApp and Facetime).

  • Where can I view the machines?

    Smitma is located in the south of the Netherlands, close to access roads to Germany, Belgium (A67) and Amsterdam (A2), only 45 minutes from Düsseldorf Airport and 10 minutes from Blerick train station.

  • I want to reserve a machine

    If you would like to reserve a machine, please contact our sales team.

  • Doing business securely at Smitma

    When you buy a machine from Smitma you naturally want to make your payment securely. That is why we work with ABN AMRO, the Netherlands’ most reliable bank for processing transactions.

  • Payment methods

    You can pay via bank transfer and in cash. Here you can find our bank details.

  • Can I pay later?

    Yes, it is possible to make your payment afterwards through a confirmed Letter of Credit. In addition, we also accept an irrevocable confirmed Letter of Credit on extended payment date up to 1 year.

  • When will I receive my machine?

    All our machines have been inspected and prepared for use. At the time of payment, the machine can be shipped immediately. Unless there are any specific requirements.

  • How are the machines transported?

    We can transport your machine worldwide. In a container, RoRo or by road transport. We take care of the entire process from Venlo to its destination all over the world. You can also choose to use your own transport. We will keep you informed of the status during the entire transport.

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