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The world is changing at a rapid pace. To stay relevant in this ever changing market, being able to adapt and staying true to your core values are key

A foundation of trust

In the past 60 years our business has grown from a local workshop to a global supplier of earthmoving machinery and road equipment. While the organization grew and business flourished, we knew that our unique customer centric approach paid off.

We believe that every good and lasting relationship is built on trust. Offering honest prices, designing and developing the best online- and offline experience for customers and being truly transparent about the machines’ condition, are a selection of our values that have never disappeared.

We learned that this is in fact what our customers appreciate about Smitma. This inspires us to go the extra mile.

More than a supplier

Smitma is not just a supplier of heavy equipment. From cleaning & painting to extensive and thorough inspection, we make sure that every detail is recorded, cleaned and repaired if necessary. By having the right people in the right place of the process, we can assure that the machines that arrive on our doorstep leave in the best condition possible. In addition, our purchasers scour the market to help our customers with their business needs. This is where our distinctive value lies.

You ask, we provide

Today our proven track record allows us to build valuable relationships all across the globe. From selecting the right equipment for your business to transport to your doorstep, we continue to strive for the most enjoyable and carefree experience.

Smitma, your go to supplier of high quality earthmoving machinery and road equipment.

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