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How we work

We’re very proud of our very strong reputation as a reliable trading partner of used heavy machinery. A reputation which put us on the map worldwide. To keep this reputation, we have a strict quality procedure. For every machine offered by us. In 4 steps to 100% quality!

4 Steps, 100% Quality

How we work

  • 1


    Directly after arrival every machine is cleaned thoroughly. Not one part is skipped, so that we can perform our strict inspection afterwards.

  • 2

    Inspection & Testing

    With help of an extensive checklist every machine is put to a punctual inspection. Every machine is checked for wear and function.

  • 3

    Reparation & Maintenance

    In our well-equipped workshop we can execute any necessary reparation. With our team of skilled engineers, we have the right capacity to do a great load of various maintenance activities skilled and rapidly.

  • 4

    Business worldwide

    From all over the world customers find their way to Smitma. Thanks to our great machine offerings, but particularly to our excellent service. We take care of all the required matters regarding transport and customs formalities. In short: no matter where you’re located: we bring your machine by sea, train or road transport to your doorstep.

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