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Meet the Smitma team, a group of dedicated experts.

Profile picture of John Smits
John Smits
General Manager

Martijn van de Weijer
Commercial Manager

Jeffrey Janssen
Sales Representative
Profile picture of Mark Smits
Mark Smits
General Manager

Ian Boots
Logistic Manager

Profile picture of Nena Smits
Nena Smits
Sales Representative
Roel van Balen
General Manager

Profile picture of Ton de Groot
Ton de Groot
Purchase Manager

Profile picture of Daniël de Rooij
Daniël de Rooij
Marketing & E-commerce Manager

Profile picture of Elly van der Weerden
Elly van der Weerden
Finance Manager

Niek Schulpen

Profile picture of Piet Peeters
Piet Peeters
Technical manager
Nick van Mierlo
Purchase Assistant

Profile picture of Richard Zuidgeest
Richard Zuidgeest
Workshop Manager

Willy Peeters
Erik Brouwers
Parts Manager

Profile picture of Rik Vierhuizen
Rik Vierhuizen
Operations Manager

Profile picture of Berry van der Putten
Berry van der Putten
Mariusz Milczarek
Painter / Cleaner

Placeholder profile picture
Dominik Witek
Gregorz Milczarek

Placeholder profile picture
Piotr Petla
Tom van der Weijst

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