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Since 1960


Meet the Smitma team, a group of dedicated experts

Profile picture of John Smits
John Smits
Profile picture of Rik Vierhuizen
Rik Vierhuizen
Operations Manager
Profile picture of Mark Smits
Mark Smits
Owner/ CEO
Jan van den Broek
Commercial Manager
Roel van Balen
Strategic Advisor
Erik Brouwers
Account Manager Attachments
Profile picture of Daniël de Rooij
Daniël de Rooij
Marketing Manager
Niek Schulpen
Purchaser Machinery
Profile picture of Nena Smits
Nena Vierhuizen – Smits
Account Manager Machinery
Daan van den Brink
Purchase Engineer Machinery
Bart Timmermans
Sales Engineer Machinery
Marga Mennen
Transportation Planner Machinery
Chretiën op het Veld
Sales Engineer Attachments
Profile picture of Ton de Groot
Ton de Groot
Purchaser Machinery
Lewis Wiggins
Business Developer Attachments / Online Marketer 
Profile picture of Piet Peeters
Piet Peeters
Warehouse manager
Profile picture of Elly van der Weerden
Elly van den der Weerden-Oomen
Finance & Administration
Profile picture of Richard Zuidgeest
Richard Zuidgeest
Timo Creemers
Machine Inspector
Willy Peeters
Construction worker
Profile picture of Berry van der Putten
Berry van der Putten
Mariusz Milczarek
Machinery painter
Mateusz Berent
Machinery cleaner
Gregorz Milczarek
Machinery Painter
Placeholder profile picture
Kamil Milczarek
Machinery cleaner
Placeholder profile picture
Dominik Witek
Machinery cleaner
Placeholder profile picture
Piotr Petla
Placeholder profile picture
Kamil Adamiec
Construction Worker

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