5 useful tips to increase your machine’s longevity

We all know that heavy equipment isn’t cheap. One of the key challenges when owning heavy machinery is to make sure that it runs as long as possible, without the loss of performance. Did you know that preventative maintenance can decrease equipment repair costs by 25%?

We’ll give you 5 useful tips how you can increase the durability of your machines:

1. Replace lubricants regularly

Lubricants are essential for better functioning. They reduce friction around moving parts and decrease tearing on the long term. When applying efficiently, it could save you a lot of money on the long term!

2. Keep it clean

It sounds simple but it is definitely essential to properly clean your machines every now and then. Soot, dirt and dust can clog filters, seals, cooling fans, and vents, which will decrease the overall performance over time.

3. Inspect for any tears or leaks

Prior to and after using the machine, it is important to inspect the machine for any tears or leaks. Everytime. Any wear and tear on parts could cause breakdowns and each worn component could contribute to a breakdown in its own way. Inspect your machine for such issues and fix it as soon as possible to avoid any further damages.

4. Train your employees

If your operators don’t know how to handle the machine correctly, they run the risk of putting excess strain, leading to faster wear and tear. Hire an expert and keep your operators up to speed with operation procedures.

5. Avoid overworking your machines

Heavy machinery comes with a set of specific performance limitations, such as weight limits, operating pressure and temperature. Give your machine a break if you notice signs of overheating. In addition, consult the manufacturer’s manual to learn about all the performance limitations.

Finally, use a maintenance checklist to make sure that any of these steps are not overlooked. Better safe than sorry!

We hope that these tips will help you to increase the durability of your machines and maximize their performance.

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